Ensuring the continuity
of your family heritage

Giverny understands that the transfer of family wealth to future generations represents much more than just the financial aspect of this critically important process. This is the transition of a legacy. Our goal is to support our clients in order to preserve and grow their family wealth from generation to generation.

Generating good long-term returns ensures the sustainability of your family wealth.

Our family wealth management services offer many advantages

  • An investment perspective on global markets
  • A disciplined investment approach
  • Returns historically higher than benchmark indices
  • A proven investment philosophy
  • Portfolios including a limited number of carefully chosen companies
  • An opportunity to build a long-term relationship with seasoned managers
  • A fully independent firm owned by its key people

Our investment approach stems
from the teachings of Warren Buffett

Letters to Giverny Capital partners

Letters to partners detail the investment history as well as the investment philosophy that underlies the management of client accounts at Giverny Capital.
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